Are you ready to Elevate your Business?

AWC has teamed up with the E5 Institute to create an AWC Member Exclusive course for advanced women business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Our second cohort is already under way for 2023/2024. We will roll out another chort in fall of 2025!

Business Strategy

A wise person once said, “You can’t work on your business if you are always working in it.”

Build Your Business

Investing your time and money into participating in the Elevate Program will pay huge dividends down the road

Are you looking to not only build your business, but build your future as well?

What is the Elevate Course?

Cohort Style Course

Elevate is a cohort style course limited to only 20 participants at a time.

Interactive Workshops

Elevate provides interactive half day, in person workshops taught by industry experts.

Class Time

Elevate classes take place over six months with only a 5-6 hour time commitment (including class time) per month to accommodate the demanding schedules of participants.

Build Your Future

Elevate is a construction industry specific course designed to give owners the training and tools they need to build their business and build their future.

Time & Support

Elevate gives participants the time and support to integrate what they are learning into their businesses.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Elevate provides participants 1 to 1 coaching sessions after each class to address needs specific to their business.

Mastermind Calls

Elevate brings the entire class cohort into monthly mastermind calls so participants can share what they are learning and implementing into their businesses and learn from other participants in the process.

AWC Members

Elevate provides all of this to AWC Members at a fraction of the cost of similar programs through the generous support of program sponsors.

Testimonials from Past Elevate Participants:

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss business matters with other women business owners. This class provided a welcoming environment to learn and discuss issues with like minded women. It was a wonderful experience.

Jamie Theis

President, JL Theis, Inc.

Connecting with other women who are walking in my shoes was so invaluable. All topics I can use daily in my business.

Toni Amenrud

Owner, Kitchen Tune-Up St. Paul Northeast

Elevate is a wonderful program for women looking to focus on the future of their company. Taking time out of the office to be connected with professionals and work “on” my business was, not only needed, but exciting!

Kendra Kron

President, Insite Contracting, Inc.

Participating in the Elevate program was the single best thing I did for my business this year.

Marissa Bauer

Owner, SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance

Left the sessions feeling supercharged, informed, and ready to lead. A fantastic opportunity to get to know other women business owners, share experiences and learn from each other.

Heather Hoffman

President, Commercial Drywall, Inc.

What is the Cost of the Program?

And how much of my time will it require?

Thanks to our generous sponsors, AWC will be subsidizing 50% of the course fee. The cohort costs $1,200.00 per participant. AWC members will each pay $600.00.

Each participant can plan to spend approximately 5-6 hours per month on the course. This includes a half-day interactive workshop, a monthly one-to-one coaching call, and one Mastermind group call. Most assignments and implementation exercises can be completed during class time.

If you are interested in Elevating your business and your future, 

When does the Elevate Course Begin?

  • Applications Open July 10, 2023
  • Applications Close September 5, 2023
  • Classes begin October 13, 2023 and run monthly through March 2024
  • Classes are on the second Friday of each month from 9:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Lunch Provided
  • All classes will be held IN PERSON in Roseville, MN

Are There Any Special Requirements that Need to be Met to Take the Course?

The following are the criteria which need to be met for an application to be approved for participation in the ELEVATE Advanced Business Owner Training.

  • The WOMAN business owner (or co-owner) within the construction/trades industry
  • The active majority owner of the business
  • In current business ownership for 0-5 years
  • An AWC member in good standing
  • Has a leadership and decision making role within their company
  • Has access to financial reporting for their company
  • Is able to dedicate 5-7 hours per month participating in the courses
  • Is committed to growing/changing their current business practice for success

What topics are covered in the Elevate Course?

OCTOBER 13, 2023

CLASS 1: BHAG – Develop the Future Vision and Strategy of Your Business

Elevate students will learn about visioneering and strategic planning components that are necessary for a successful business and life. Students will develop a vision for their own future business and life.

They will also develop a concrete vision for 10 years out, develop a 3 year picture to head towards that vision,and a one year plan that will head towards their picture. At the end of this course, students will have a map for their business going forward including metrics to measure success and quarterly goals.

NOVEMBER 10, 2023

CLASS 2: Unleash the Leader Within: Equipping you to Lead Your Business into the Future

Elevate students will complete an assessment which will help students understand their strengths.

Students will learn how working from their strengths and leveraging the strengths of their team will help them lead their organization and increase their leadership capacity. The results of their assessment will be shared and used in class and one-to-one coaching calls to learn how to leverage their leadership gifts in their specific business. 

DECEMBER 15, 2023

CLASS 3: It’s a Team Effort: Structuring your Business for Future Success

Elevate students will learn about organizational structure and define what would be the ideal structure for their organization.

Students will map their current structure and identify the gaps they have in their teams. Students will learn to maximize their current staff through development, delegation, and clear roles and responsibilities. Students will revisit their findings from class 2 to best lead their ideal organizational structure.

JANUARY 12, 2024

Class 4: The Numbers Don’t Lie: Understanding and Evaluating your Business Finances

Elevate students will complete and gather their financials prior to this class. In this class, Students will learn basic financial structure and best practices to grow their business including how to read and evaluate their own financial statements; and which metrics and reporting are essential for the construction industry. 

Students will develop their own metrics to measure their success according to the strategy they develop in the first class. 

FEBRUARY 9, 2024

Class 5: What They Don’t Tell You: The Inside Scoop on Successes, Failures, and the Future of the Construction Industry

Elevate Students will learn from industry experts and experienced business owners in the construction industry.  Topics and experts will be selected based on the makeup of each cohort to ensure relevant information.  

Topics may include: construction contractor trends and forecasts, workforce trends; unions; DBE and WOB certifications; estimating; submitting RFPs; contract negotiations, liens, contract execution and everything in-between. Topics and experts will be selected based on the make up of each cohort to ensure relevant information. 

MARCH 8, 2024

Class 6: Exit Here – Planning Your Way Out of Your Business

Elevate students will learn about the importance of “having the end in mind” as they start and grow their business. Industry experts will teach students the various ways they can plan their eventual exit from their business. 

Students will receive ways to calculate the current value of their business, recommendations for improvement, and ways to get ready for their exit in the future. Students will finish this class by formulating their own exit strategy specific to their business.