The Association of Women Contractors is driven by just one core focus – Advancing women-owned business in the construction industry. Our Niche: Construction in the Minnesota Market.

Our Core Values:

  • Enriching Our Membership
  • Construction Industry Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Strong Advocacy



What is the AWC?

Why Join AWC


The Association of Women Contractors is not just an association, it’s a closely knit group of competent professionals from the Minnesota construction industry, who are passionate about teamwork and helping each other succeed.


Within weeks of joining the Association of Women Contractors, you’ll be able to dramatically grow your professional network and find new business opportunities thanks to our strong industry connections and frequent events.


The Association of Women Contractors offers members education on construction specific trends and proficiency as well as business acumen. All AWC members receive FREE access to educational materials and training As a benefit of membership.


AWC is an active member of several influential committees and advisory groups where we advocate for equity in contracting and provide input on the issues of our members. Our influence has created a strong voice for our members and the industry as a whole.

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What Members Say

At AWC we’re driven by our mission to encourage, support, and grow women-owned construction businesses in Minnesota.

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