New Year — Make Time

Ringing in the new year means a time of resolutions and goals. There is so much emphasis on change and what you can do better. We are full of positivity and new outlooks due to a page flip on a calendar. I think we can make changes any day of the year. This year I am going to suggest you look at TIME spent – your time

The past year has been a milestone anniversary year of many things in my life. AWC hired me 15 years ago and in July, I celebrated 10 years of being cancer free. It is always sobering to think how quickly time passes and how “busy” is the excuse for our lack of accomplishment.

Over the holidays I spent two days with one of my close friends. She was on the board that hired me, we have done things with each other’s families and for at least 10 years have “threatened” that we need to spend some time together. On a whim we got together one day and then another and it really filled up my cup. That said it also made me start thinking about why it took so long to find the time that. Well because we are always too busy of course.    

Business ownership makes it difficult to focus on anything outside of work. I get it – it is your livelihood, and you are responsible for the success of not only your own life but that of your employees. However, the top five regrets of people on their deathbed from a variety of sources always includes that people wish they had not spent all their lives focused on work as their number one priority.

How often have you thought “I’ve been meaning to…”. This year I recommend action instead of thoughts. Get together with that friend, call that person, send the card, go to the event, and take the picture. This week marks 5 years since the unexpected passing of my Daddy. The empty seat at the table can never be filled, but I am grateful I took the pictures and spent the time. A lesson I learned after Cancer – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so find the time today.

— B