Are members committed to using women and minority owned businesses ourselves? Are members doing the same thing as the GCs and using your traditional options because it is easier or cheaper? Are members asking AWC to fight for you and yet don’t check your own resources used? “It Starts With Us” is the brainchild of Barb after realizing the importance of putting our money where our mouth is.   

The AWC membership is filled with extraordinary contractors, suppliers, service providers and resources. Whether you need subs for your projects, supplies for your business, home renovation contractors, or are seeking trusted consultants, chances are there’s an AWC member who can help. As of 2022, we will showcase members using members – not only to recognize the commitment but to provide a “reference” for others looking for member services. Share with us how you are stepping up to the challenge.

I challenge you all to truly commit to this tribe we call the AWC. Be intentional in both your professional and personal endeavors and not just on a project with goals. This is how we make change – It Starts With Us.

Members Using Members

Click on a story below to read more about each member to member experience, projects and recommendations.

Gunnar Electric / 4 Members

Gunnar Electric shares how they have hired a number of their fellow AWC members to get the job done: Stay Shaw with Boyum Barensheer was hired to review yearly financials for Gunnar. Joe Zandlo with Minneapolis Financial Group was hired

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InSite Contracting / MC Tool & Safety

Vice President Kendra Kron, with InSite Contracting, shares how her business partners with fellow board member Erika Scherman of MC Tool & Safety: “InSite has worked with MC Tool & Safety the past few years to ramp up the construction

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Dulas Excavating / GM Contracting

Crystal Dulas shares how her company, Dulas Excavating, works together with fellow member GM Contracting: “Over the years, Dulas Excavating and GM Contracting have collaborated on a number of projects together. Whether Dulas is the general contractor or GM is

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Kristi Marsh / O’Neill Electric

Member Kristi Marsh hired O’Neill Electric to install some new light fixtures in her personal home:  “I own a 1941 home that we have up been gradually updating over the last 6 years. I met Ashley from O’Neill Electric through

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How Can You Help?

Search our Members FIRST next time you need a resource. Get to know our directory of members who provide a service you hadn’t considered. If someone asks you for a referral send them to our directory. Send your employees, your friends, your family to our directory of exceptional resources.