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Forgiveness, Elections, and Deficits: Year-end Tax Planning for 2020

Todd Koch
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Todd brings passion and compassion to the tax and accounting
profession. For more than 35 years he has truly enjoyed helping
businesses and people reach their financial and non-financial goals.
Being a great resource for his clients and to all at JAK, he knows
goals are met when using a team approach.

Since joining JAK in 1981, Todd’s role has evolved significantly. He
currently leads JAK’s tax practice including income taxes, estate
taxes, and sales taxes. He’s worked with clients in nearly every
aspect of their financial business and now spends much of his time
as a part of his clients’ business team. By utilizing all of the
resources at JAK, he can bring differing perspectives and creative
solutions to his clients.

With the understanding that taxes are not the only concern for his
clients, Todd’s team approach to tax issues and business transfers,
such as buying, selling to outside or inside parties, or to an ESOP,
starts with a thorough comprehension of his clients’ goals. These
goals vary from client to client. It’s important to Todd to use the
JAK team to achieve each clients' goals.

Although he’s passionate about his work as a CPA, those three
letters don’t define him. Todd’s an avid traveler (he’s visited all 50
states), cookie baker (he has made over 200 plates of cookies and
treats with his daughters for his church’s bake sale) and hiker (the
longest day hike he’s completed was 26 miles).

If you need help with a business transfer or a tax issue, give Todd a
call. He would enjoy the opportunity to use his experience and the
JAK team approach to work through your situation.


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