AWC decided to use Associate Member Patrick North, owner of to help reimagine our new website:


“Patrick with Sites for Builders joined AWC in 2021 and immediately dove in attending mingles and events. As Anna came on board and was learning how to put AWC’s best foot forward, we asked Patrick to give us some feedback on our social media and website for us to improve our presence.

He responded and was willing to help mentor Anna. As we began looking at our systems, we realized we needed to start from scratch on the website and simplify the process.

Analyzing the usage, examining the message, and reviewing the office needs, Patrick worked hard to develop a site that will be streamlined and user friendly. Patrick was a joy to work with offering his insight but was focused on responding to the unique needs of AWC. The process stayed on schedule and on budget. The collaborative approach between Patrick and Anna produced a product we can be proud of while educating Anna on how to readily manage it.

— Barb Lau
Executive Director, AWC