AWC proposed on a grant through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry that was part of the Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA) initiative. AWC’s board of directors has strategically planned our next level of assistance for women in this industry through mentorship for women entering the field in an apprenticeship program.  Our strategic vision focuses on assisting candidates on gaining placement in construction trade apprenticeship programs as well as longevity in retention through peer relationships and mentorship.

A large part of this grant will initially be to develop a mentor training and train our interested members.  We believe that the best indicator for success is a strong initial training of the mentors to ensure that the program be:

  • Although each person is different there need to be referenced key points and deliverables to the apprentices.   The program needs to have relevance.
  • We believe that there should be boundaries within the relationships for a level of trust and professionalism.  This structure includes roles and responsibilities of both parties.
  • The AWC is known for their matching skills between GC’s, Subs, Peers, Agencies and more.  We will identify and match the mentors/mentees for successful outcomes.
  • The program although professionally designed will allow for mentees needs to be addressed and changes based on current market issues to be made to schedules.
  • There will be scheduled tasks and meetings that work for the group.
  • There will be a formal evaluation conducted at different times throughout the relationships to make any adjustments needed for improvement.

You do not have to be an AWC member to be a mentor.  AWC women business members that are signatory with the trades are represented in the following trades.


The Association of Women Contractors began as a grass roots organization of women that faced discrimination in the industry who joined together as a way to empower each other and future women in construction. We see the Woman 2 Woman Mentoring Program to be the same.  We are creating a program that can be a revolving whereby those that are mentees will then become mentors to continue paying it forward.


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