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Celebrate the success of AWC over the last 25 years

AWC has accomplished many things in the past 25 years. Below are some of our wonderful services we have built and offer our members!

Learning Center

Online Anytime

Bid Board

Project Opportunities & Long-Term Partnerships


Female Academic & Apprentice Scholarships

Meet Our


Barb Lau

Executive Director

Janelle McCafferty

Executive Administrator

Meet Our

Board of Directors

Megan Nord


Keia Isaacson

Vice President

Kathy Flynn


Christie Brooks


Jerri Sweeney

Past President

Liz Ennenga

WBO at Large

Brigid O'Malley

WBO at Large

Carisa Johnson

Associate at Large

Stacy Arnold

Associate at Large

Jennifer Thompson

Legal Advisor

Past Board Members

Sponsoring New Programming

Thank you to our Past Board Members that have donated to the AWC Development Fund to support the new ELEVATE program. This program will focus on Leadership and Financial Training for “seasoned” WBO members.
  Past Board Members who have donated

Brigid O’Malley

Cindy Haley

Claudia Osterman

Diane Caruso

Dianne Holte

Donna Gulden

Joan Donovan

Joelynne Hanson

Joy McAdoo

Kathy Meyer

Kathy Brown Zerwas

Kelly Thommes

LouAnne Loewen

Mariaha Dean

Marty Christianson

Mary Cave

Maura Steblay

Nancy Blanchard

Rachel Peters

Sarah Bazey

Stacy Shaw

Sue Blanchard

25 Years of Success

How It All Started

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Empowered Women

Building the Future Together

Impact of AWC

Impact of AWC

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