Associated General Contractors Minnesota

The Associated General Contractors of Minnesota Website posts invitations to bid for WBE/MBEs.

Federal Government

  • Sub-Contracting:For some small businesses, subcontracting to a Prime Vendor is a great way to “get a foot in the door” of government contracting. In this arrangement, you can provide goods or services that support a larger initiative that you …
  • Federal Business Opportunities:If you are ready to bid on federal contracts, there are a couple of ways to get started. One is to submit your business profile to a database that federal agencies use to locate contractors.
  • GSA Schedules:Many government agencies establish government-wide contracts, which simplify the procurement process for federal agencies by allowing them to acquire a vast array of products and services directly from commercial suppliers. The…
  • Federal Procurement Database Systems – Next Generation:Federal Procurement Data Service ? Next Generation is the repository of all federal contracting data for contracts in excess of $25,000. With this system, you can learn the following on federal contracting opportunities…
  • Contracting Opportunities for Energy Efficient Businesses:As you probably know, the U.S. government is a huge purchaser of services and products. You may also know that there are special provisions in place to help small businesses compete for and win federal contracts. This combination…

Blue Book

The Blue Books of Building and Construction

Builders Exchanges

City of Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis Purchasing Division handles most purchases of products for City departments and associated boards. Here you will find basic information about the City’s purchasing procedures and ways to introduce your business to the City of Minneapolis.  You will want to subscribe to the email notifications for City of Minneapolis projects.

Formal Bids for City of Minneapolis

City of Saint Paul

The City of Saint Paul Purchasing posts its bids for construction as well as other purchases on their supplier portal.  Access it here to learn about the purchasing procedures and to register on the supplier portal.

St. Paul Supplier Portal


Environmental Protection Agency

As part of EPA’s initiative to encourage competition, this database was developed to allow companies to spend more time bidding and less time searching for procurement opportunities. The information in the database is based on the best information available at the time of posting and is intended for PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY and does not constitute a commitment by EPA to buy the described supplies and services.

Current Request for Proposals for MPCA

Hennepin County

As formal bid opportunities arise for commodity and biddable service contracts, they will be listed under Current Bids – Commodities and Biddable Services. Each listing will include a synopsis of the invitation to bid.

Metropolitan Airports Commission

The MAC solicits bids for large construction projects and purchases of most goods and services totaling $50,000 or more. Three primary resources for publishing of those bids are:

  1. Solicitations
  2. State Register Online

Metropolitan Council

The Metropolitan Council frequently has contracting opportunities for businesses. Listed below are the Council’s publicly advertised solicitations for contracts that are currently planned, open or recently closed.

MetCouncil Contracting Opportunities

Minnesota State Register

The State Register is published each Monday, (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and includes:

  • Minnesota Rules – proposed, adopted, exempt, expedited, expedited emergency, vetoed and withdrawn.
  • Executive & Commissioner’s Orders, Revenue Notices, Appointments, Proclamations
  • Official Notices – announcements, meeting notices, metropolitan council notices, public hearings, official reports, requests for outside opinions, vacancies in agencies, etc.
  • Professional, Technical & Consulting Contracts – including architecture and engineering, accounting/auditing/financial services, computer hardware and software, construction and remodeling, consulting and evaluating, medical/dental/psychiatric services, photographic, planning, testing, web and graphic design, writing and video services, and many others.
  • State Grants & Loans – agriculture grants, economic development, housing programs, health & human services, job skills partnerships, vocational rehabilitation, workforce partnerships, and many more.
  • Non-State Public Bids, Contracts & Grants – bids, contracts and grants from other than state agencies: city, county, metropolitan, federal, non-profit, and private agencies

Minnesota State Register


This site has pre-letting and post-letting information about Mn/DOT highway construction and maintenance projects advertised for bids. It is designed for Mn/DOT personnel, contractors and suppliers interested in the highway bidding process.

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

Contracting Opportunities and opportunities for subcontractors may be viewed at the MPHA website:

Ramsey County

Ramsey County uses Onvia DemandStar (“DemandStar”), an internet purchasing network, to post competitive solicitations.  DemandStar offers Contractors immediate and automatic notification of purchasing opportunities, solicitation documents and results, and prior solicitation information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Subscription to DemandStar is free.

Ramsey County DemandStar Instructions

Saint Paul Public Housing Authority

The St. Paul Public Housing Agency (PHA) strongly encourages businesses owned by persons of color, women and persons with disabilities, socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises, HUD Section 3 businesses, and small businesses to submit bids and proposals, or to participate as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or partners on PHA contracts.

Interested parties are invited to follow the links on this page to learn more about doing business with the St. Paul PHA.

Saint Paul Public Housing Authority Contracting

State of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

University Services Purchasing provides management oversight and facilitation of the University Services purchasing processes to ensure integrity, economy, efficiency, and accountability; to provide sourcing, bidding, and troubleshooting assistance to University Services departments; and to ensure that responsibility to the University of Minnesota Stakeholders is considered in all purchasing policies and practices.

University of Minnesota Construction Projects

Plan Rooms

AWC lists online plan room options for you if you choose to become a member. AWC does not endorse or make recommendations for these plan rooms and lists them as information for your business only.

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