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Under Pressure

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Teresa Esler

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885 Syndicate St. N.

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St. Paul

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Under Pressure, Inc. is an experienced commercial and industrial cleaning and restoration company that specializes in cleaning the interior and exterior of buildings and structures. We provide a variety of services including pressure washing, chemical cleaning, media blasting and commercial coatings that allow us to tackle large and complex cleaning and restoration projects. Whether it is cleaning and painting the inside of a warehouse, pressure washing newly constructed exterior brick, or cleaning wind turbines 300 ft in the air, UPI has the competency and capability to get the job done. Also, because UPI often works in in a variety of industrial environments and high-risk job sites such as wind farms, active construction projects, power plants, paper mills and factories, we also train our employees to provide quality services in a safe and effective manner.

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Scopes of Work

Cleaning, Painting

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