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LS Black Constructors

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Michele Ode

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1959 Sloan Place

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St. Paul

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LS Black Constructors is a dynamic, full-service commercial construction company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Serving both local and national clients for more than forty years, our team brings a yes mindset and a focus on teamwork and flexibility to drive excellence into all of our projects. The LS Black team leverages our proven processes and past experience to complete the toughest, most complex projects within three divisions, including: federal, civil/industrial, and building. We have a team who specializes in difficult projects, which means we have a high tolerance for risk and like to pursue unique projects that others turn down. LS Black team members consistently strive to out-work, out-think, and out-perform our competition. The core principles of our firm are the backbone of everything we do and have built a culture of excellence that drives us to exceed expectations on every level.




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