1. Go to:
  2. Log in to your account (Only AWC members or BidBoard Subscribers can view)
  3. Open BidBoard page
  4. Select View Now
  5. Select the Arena to view projects in or select Show all, then hit search
  6. Click on each project for which you want more information on in the list
  7. Contact the PM listed under the GC tab for more information


  1. Go to:
  2. Log in to your account (if you are an AWC member you have full access to post)
  3. Open BidBoard page
  4. Select Post Now
    NOTE: If you are not currently a member of AWC, please select either one time listing or subscribe for unlimited listings for the year.
  5. Enter the project details including:
    • Project name and address
    • Bid date, and if mandatory, pre-bid for subs
    • Construction Arena of the project
    • Division or NAICS codes of subcontracting opportunities
    • Certifications that count towards any project goals
    • The url (if any) of any FTP or other site to view the project plans
  6. After you submit you will receive a confirmation email of your posting
  7. Your project will be sent to any of our members who have indicated they perform work in the divisions or NAICS codes you selected with subcontracting opportunities
  8. Your project will also be listed on the BidBoard view page until the bid date and then will disappear


For Questions and Feedback:

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