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Hiring and Delegating for Business Owners

What to do and what to delegate – how to give up and what to give up to make yourself more efficient as a CEO/Leader:

Natalia Hemingway with Blue Skin Consulting created this session for small business owners who are hitting the stage where they can no longer do it all themselves. This session will provide valuable insight and thoughtful questions that the audience can use to start the process of identifying what their actual needs are for help and what they can successfully delegate to others. Whether it be online outsourcing or internal hire sometimes the hardest part of being a leader is knowing when to let go. Understanding the cost of holding on to tasks that you can outsource at a much lower rate.

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Start Time

11:30 am

April 24, 2019

Finish Time

1:00 pm

April 24, 2019


AWC Office: 1337 St. Clair Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105