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AWC Women’s Retreat

The AWC Women’s retreat is a weekend of relationship building like no other. This has been described as the most intimate form of networking AWC puts on. Each attendee will have their own room in one of the beautiful shared Roy Lake Town Homes at Grand View Lodge in Brainerd MN. Enjoy a weekend away with an educational component, team building exercises, fun games and more! The retreat kicks off with a noon lunch on Friday and concludes after breakfast on Sunday.


Presenter: Dr. Deb Lindh, Mindful Effect

Session Title: The Power of Harmony

When things are in harmony, we are in a flow.  There is minimal if any tension, harmful stress, and things are at ease.  Current trends present the concept work-life-balance, however, in order for balance to occur, there’s tension; like walking the tight-rope.  Tension creates stress and when life is out of balance, there’s even more stress.

Consider the concept of harmony. Harmony is being in state of existence, in the present, moving from moment to moment while maintaining a motion moving through difficulties, free of stress, and with an outcome of ease. We are at ease no matter what we face; the person, people, places, things, or events. We are in harmony and at ease emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. Harmony brings an increased overall satisfaction of life.

How do we do this? How do we learn to be in harmony? What do we need to do? What techniques can we use to develop skills so can we learn to increase harmony in our business and in our lives?

At the Power of Harmony Workshop, we will explore the concept of harmony, review case studies for peer sharing, practice techniques in individual, small group, and whole group exercises, and build a harmony plan to use post-AWC retreat.

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Start Time

12:00 pm

September 27, 2019

Finish Time

10:00 am

September 29, 2019


Grand View Lodge- 23521 Nokomis Ave, Nisswa, MN 56468