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April Education via ZOOM- The Entrepreneurial Operating System: An Insider’s Perspective

EOS continues to be one of the hottest movements in the world of business. Companies of all shapes and sizes have turned to this simple (but not easy) methodology outlined in the book Traction by Gino Wickman. The popularity and success of the system lies within its ability to help organizations articulate their vision and strategy and perhaps even more importantly, how to execute on that strategy.

Practitioner turned coach, Michele will explain the mechanics of the system and lend insight into what it’s really like to use EOS inside a company. Her family’s commercial roofing business, Mint Roofing, has been using the system since 2011. Michele began coaching EOS in 2017 to help other organizations to scale and grow their businesses.

Presented by Michele Krolczyk- Vivid360

From the corporate banking world to business ownership, Michele has worn a variety of business hats including:
❖ Being a third-generation owner/partner in her family’s commercial roofing business (originally Dalbec Roofing; now Mint Roofing).
❖ Growing the company’s revenue nearly five times over.
❖ Creating a bar-setting preventative maintenance program in the industry (TopSite) to help clients get the most out of their rooftop investment.
❖ Creating opportunities for women in leadership roles
❖ Implementing and using EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) since 2011.
❖ Rebranding the company in 2012 to better reflect the company’s image and focus after being in business for over 60 years.
❖ Serving as the Harvest Moon Board President from 2006-2010, to lead the charge of opening a community food co-op (one of the few to open in Minnesota since the 70s). Successfully opened doors in 2010.
❖ Serving as a mentor and trainer at WomenVenture, a nonprofit that helps women achieve business ownership.
❖ Developing a coaching business, Vivid360, to help others implement EOS®
❖ Becoming a CliftonStrengths coach (a.k.a. StrengthsFinder)

Additionally, Michele is a member of the Orono Rotary Club and serving as President from 2017-2018; married 32 years; mother to three amazing young men, a yellow lab named Bella and several exchange students; and a graduate of UW-Eau Claire.

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Start Time

11:30 am

April 29, 2020

Finish Time

1:00 pm

April 29, 2020