Designer Sign Systems has grown from locally focused to a full service provider of branded signage and visual communications to clients nationwide.  It has been a privilege to lead this company for the last 12 years and the support of the Association of Women Contractors has been a key contributor to both the organization’s and my personal growth throughout this journey.  The introductions to the general contractor community, training in relevant topics from our Associate members, and networking and building relationships with other women business owners, and Barb’s leadership in creating a valued partnership with the local governing and business community for Women Owned businesses has been invaluable!!

Kathy Brown Zerwas, Designer Sign Systems



I joined the Association of Women Contractors (AWC) a year ago, and I can’t believe what this organization single-handedly has done for the growth of my business. The networking opportunities alone are amazing (both within and outside the organization), the educational events are invaluable, and the participants, mentors, and staff really care about the well-being of members and their business. This is unlike any other organization I have ever been involved with before. Whether you have worked within the construction industry for some time, or whether you are just considering entering the arena, this organization will benefit you tremendously. If I had only one organization to join, without a doubt this would be the one.
Kelly Thommes
Owner, AirFresh Industries

n Site Sanitation will not be renewing their memberships with most associations, EXCEPT- AWC. While each association has its own merits, with construction as bad as it is right now, we have to look very carefully at where our promotional money is spent. But it’s not only the dollar amount per year. It’s also about which association does the best job at getting me in front of my customers, or potential customers. Not an event where I am only hounded by retired construction guys, wanting free toilets, and jackets, or where the decision makers surround themselves with their own employees and don’t take time talk to vendors, or where I go to the events only to find I am with room full of vendors and not owners. Barb Christensen has done a great job of getting the decision makers to the AWC events. And, because the events are at various places, not only do I get to meet new people, but I also get to go to places I wouldn’t normally. I believe the Association of Women Contractors does a good job at encouraging networking. I appreciate your efforts, which is why we are staying members of AWC.
Ann Magstadt
On Site Sanitation Inc.

Where is it that I fit best? The moms groups? The school groups? The male contractors?… and finally I found the AWC – Association of Women contractors… Why would I ever leave?!
Tamara Sundby, CEO

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